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We are the leading supplier for Blue Pearl granite, we have our own quarry and professsional factory since 1992 .

blue pearl graniteCOMMERCIAL NAME: Blue Pearl
COLOR: Blue/ Blue-gray

HARDNESS: High wear resistance- residential and commercial use.There are several different quarries of Blue Pearl granite ranging from an almost "Silver" pearl through to a deep "Blue" pearl. When reviewing prices ensure you are comparing like with like since the price could vary by as much as 100% depending upon the depth of colour



ALSO CALLED: Blue Labrador Hell, Blue Pearl Granite, Blue Perl, Bluepearl, GA 601, Labrador Azzurro, Labrador Azzurro Blue Pearl, Labrador Blau, Labrador Bleu, Labrador Blue, Labrador Blue Pearl, Labrador Chiaro, Labrador Claro, Labrador Hell, Ljus Labrador, Perla Azurro, Stalaker
SIMILAR STONES: Emerald Pearl, Volga Blue, Many Varieties of Blue Pearl

Physical property of Blue Pearl Granite

CompressiveStrength: 103,60 N/mm2
WaterAbsorption: 0,32%
Density: 2,647 kg/dm3
FlexuralStrength: 7,21 N/mm2
Blue Pearl Granite is from Norway. This coarse grained blue Labrador has a dark blue-grayishbackground with glimmering light blue to dark green crystals which reflect light.
There are many different varieties sold under different trade names.

Blue pearl granite is suitable for both inner project and external landscape project.

New Arrival : Similar to Blue Pearl granite , Forest blue granite is metallic blue stone with black and gray flecks, same as blue pearl granite , Forest blue granite is good for flooring , wall panels , countertops etc.

Advantage : Price of Forest Blue granite is much lower , 30% ~50% lower than Blue pearl granite , it is the granite from our exclusive quarry.

forest blue granite

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